How We Began Product Development


The Problem

In 2006, the founder of Eco Pest was frustrated working in an industry that was purely “toxin driven”. Further influenced by his wife, who has extreme sensitivity to chemicals, and two children with an auto-immune disease, a decision was made to start a company pursuing a solution for this toxic problem.

The Solution

Eco Pest, LLC was founded, and began a quest to find solutions that our industry didn’t offer – Natural, Botanical, & Non-Toxic Pest Control!

We Rethought Everything

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

All of our research is done here in the Tucson Valley. Insects are collected from our local Sonoran Desert, trials and lab testing is done at our facility in Marana, AZ. Successful trials move on to field testing at homes in your neighborhood. Through the years we have solved one problem after another, moving away from pesticides, and creating natural BioCide Blends.

Extensive Research

We do constant research, collaboration, and development with many new ideas and products in our pipeline.

A New Company

In 2017, a sister-company was created to bring some of these formulations & creations to market. This company is the newest natural pest control development company in America, and is called BioPURE Botanicals.


A New Start

BioPURE Botanicals will be bringing innovative BioCides to both the pest control service industry, as well as the Do-It-Yourself market. In recent years, with the aquision of a mechanically creative industry veteran, we have even begun developing new equipment designs to apply our BioCide products. Several items are now in prototype.

The Future of Pest Control

Looking ahead will hopefully see these ideas become reality. We hope you will spread the word to friends and family to support us as we transform the pest control industry as we know it.

Our Goal: No Bugs with No Poisons