The Power of Natural Pest Control

Pest control in the desert is serious business. So many things creep & crawl, bite & sting, slither & sneak. Out there in the open desert those things are fine, but most of us prefer not to encounter those creatures in our home or yard. We all want to protect our families, kids, and pets, right?

So why would you apply poisons to keep your family safe? The question alone is an oxymoron. Don’t do something unsafe attempting to create safety.

Truth is that you don’t need to use harsh poisons to keep your home safe. EcoPest has spent a decade solving this problem right here in Tucson.

Our Botanical EcoPURE System eliminates every type of pest problem.

We apply up to 10 times the volume of a regular pest company, the blended mixtures are Natural & Non-Toxic, and our internal lab tests show they outperform synthetic pesticides. On top of that they smell fresh & floral, and treatments cost less than those big companies out there.

Our goal is simple: No bugs with no poisons.

Our Goal: No Bugs with No Poisons