Chemical Free Termite Control

In Arizona termites are serious business, and proper control measures are important to protect your most valuable asset – your home!

However, many people are shocked to discover that an average size home will require 100-200 gallons of traditional toxic termiticide to protect that asset. A huge amount of poison that your family is exposed to everyday, year after year.

It’s a growing concern that pesticide exposure is one of the factors leading to birth defects, autism, cancer, auto-immune disease, and developmental issues. As a father of two children with an auto-immune disease, the owner of Eco Pest began research pursuing a solution.

Well, unfortunately we couldn’t find one…so we created one!

Introducing Fire & Brimstone

All natural and non-toxic termite control


The world’s first two-part natural termiticide.  Consisting of a dry powder base mixture, followed by a blended liquid compound that combines together to create a mineral/botanical powerhouse, stopping termites in their tracks.

Fire & Brimstone is produced using our exclusive “Bio-Hydrosolxm” process. A revolutionary product with no risks and no poisons, and backed by a full 5 year warranty.

Fire & Brimstone – for termites, its death from above.

Our Goal: No Bugs with No Poisons